52-Series 7.25″ Driveline Packages


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52-Series 7.25″ driveline packages were originally designed specifically for use in the NASCAR “Car of Tomorrow,” but are also suitable for other applications that require a 7.25″ clutch and rear-mounted starter. 52-Series 7.25″ driveline packages include a bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, hydraulic release bearing, Super Starter and related hardware.

52-Series 7.25″ driveline packages include:


  • Rigid aluminum bellhousing resists flexing, allowing maximum power to be transferred to the wheels and minimized wear to driveline components.
  • Integral mounting “ears”, with flanged inserts, for use as a rear engine mount.
  • Bulkhead-mounted fittings for release bearing hydraulic lines.
  • Provisions for cam-driven fuel pump.
  • Blueprinted for parallelism and concentricity.


  • 7.25″ OT-II metallic clutch assembly provides race proven performance and reliability.
  • Clutch discs feature 8-rivet hub design for maximum attachment strength.
  • Billet steel 110-tooth (9.16″) flywheel offers low inertia, precision balance and reliability.
  • Clutch mounting studs provide high strength and simplified clutch installation/removal.

Hydraulic Release Bearing

  • Billet aluminum body and piston.
  • Built-in positive stop limits piston travel to prevent over-stroking of the clutch.
  • High temperature quad tensioner monoseal insures a leak resistant seal.
  • Superior materials and proprietary low friction coatings provide longevity and
  • High quality 44mm contact diameter bearing maximizes clutch modulation and provides reliable operation.

Super Starter

  • Compact XLT (1.6 HP) Super Starter. 40000 Series (3.0 HP) Super Starter models are also available as an option. Contact Tilton for further information.
  • Double Reduction Drop Gear design provides smooth engine cranking.
  • Safety-wired fasteners.
  • Reflective-type starter heat shield, designed to block radiant heat from exhaust headers, bolts directly to the starter (XLT only).


Engine Type

Chevy (E) (V8 with 2-piece rear main seal), Chevy R07, Chevy LS1/2/3/6/7, Ford Small Block

Input Shaft

1 5/32" x 26 spline, 1 1/4" x 29 spline