52-Series UTGC Driveline Packages


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Tilton’s 52-Series UTGC driveline packages are engineered to be the highest performance rear-mount starter packages on the market. Designed to offer the most ground clearance possible, 52-series UTGC driveline packages offer an additional 2.2 inches of ground clearance over most OE bellhousings. The 102T flywheel and 5.5″ clutch included in these packages offer the lowest inertia possible in rear-mount starter packages of its type, providing fast acceleration and deceleration.

52-Series UTGC driveline packages include:


  • Rigid aluminum bellhousing resists flexing, allowing maximum power to be transferred to the wheels and minimized wear to driveline components
  • Blueprinted for parallelism and concentricity

Clutch-Flywheel Assembly

  • OT-Series 5.5″ metallic or carbon/carbon clutch options for race proven performance and reliability
  • Billet steel 102-tooth (8.64″) flywheel offers low inertia, precision balance and durability

Hydraulic Release Bearing

  • Billet aluminum body and piston
  • High temperature quad tensioner monoseal ensures a leak-resistant seal
  • Superior materials and proprietary low friction coatings provide longevity and consistency
  • High quality 38mm contact diameter bearing maximizes clutch modulation and provides reliable operation

Super Starter

  • Rear-mount Severe Duty (3.0 HP) Super Starter
Includes: bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, disc pack, hydraulic release bearing, Super Starter and related hardware.

 DescriptionPart Number
Chevy V8 (2-pc rear
main seal)
5.5" 2-plate metallic clutch52-31120
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-31130
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-31131*
5.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-31220
5.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-31230
4.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-31530
4.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-31540
Chevy LS1/2/6/75.5" 2-plate metallic clutch52-33120
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-33130
5.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-33220
5.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-33230
Ford Small Block5.5" 2-plate metallic clutch52-32120
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-32130
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-32131*
5.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-32220
5.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-32230
4.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-32530
4.5" 4-plate carbon clutch52-32540

*For use with 1/4″ mid-plate between engine and bellhousing, such as Asphalt Modifieds.

Note: All packages are designed for use with transmissions that have a Chevy bolt pattern and a 1 5/32″ X 26 spline input shaft.

DescriptionPart Number
Chevy, aluminum52-601
Ford, aluminum52-602

DescriptionPart Number
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, 5.5" metallic clutch51-651
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, 5.5" metallic clutch, mid-plate51-685
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, carbon clutch51-661
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, 4.5" clutches51-645
Chevy LS, 102-tooth, 5.5" clutches51-659
Ford, 102-tooth, 5.5" clutches51-653
Ford, 102-tooth, 5.5" clutches, mid-plate51-686
Ford, 102-tooth, 4.5" clutches51-640
Clutches and Disc Packs
DescriptionPart Number
Clutch, 5.5" 2-plate metallic67-002HG
Clutch, 5.5" 3-plate metallic67-003HG
Clutch, 5.5" 2-plate carbon (step-type)6552USG-S
Clutch, 5.5" 2-plate carbon (pot-type)6552USG-P
Clutch, 5.5" 3-plate carbon (step-type)6553HSG-S
Clutch, 5.5" 3-plate carbon (pot-type)6553HSG-P
Clutch, 4.5" 3-plate carbon6513HSG-S
Clutch, 4.5" 4-plate carbon6514HSG-S
Disc pack, 5.5", 2 disc, 1 5/32" x 26 spline64140-9-AA-36
Disc pack, 5.5", 3 disc, 1 5/32" x 26 spline64140-9-ABA-36
Hydraulic Release Bearing Assemblies
ClutchChevy V8Chevy LSFord
5.5" 2-plate metallic60-537060-536060-5370
5.5" 3-plate metallic60-534060-534060-5340
5.5" 2-plate carbon60-537060-536060-5360
5.5" 3-plate carbon60-533060-533060-5330
Super Starter
DescriptionsPart Number
Super Starter, Severe Duty, 102-tooth flywheels54-41062

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