Hydraulic Release Bearing Pistons


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Pistons shown with bearings for illustration only.
Bearings sold separately.

Piston types are universal for all current Tilton hydraulic release bearings. Please select your bearing model number, and then desired length.

If you are looking to replace a piston for a legacy Tilton product, please contact your local distributor, or Tilton directly, to check on availability.

Bearing TypePart Number
38mmVaries. Reference above pull-down menu options and SKU.
44mmVaries. Reference above pull-down menu options and SKU.


Release Bearing Model

60-X0XX (52-mm radius-face bearing), 60-X1XX (Flat-face bearing), 60-X2XX (44-mm radius-face bearing) / 60-X3XX (38-mm radius-face bearing)

Piston Length

1.215" (30.9mm), 1.315" (33.4mm), 1.415" (35.9mm), 1.515" (38.5mm), 1.615" (41.0mm), 1.715" (43.6mm), 1.815" (46.1mm), 1.915" (48.6mm), 2.015" (51.2mm), 2.115" (53.79mm), 1.530" (38.9mm), 1.240" (31.5mm)