Sport 5.5 Metallic Racing Clutches


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The new Sport 5.5 metallic racing clutches are specifically designed with the budget racer in mind. They share many of the same features as the successful OT-Series, but at a price point that suits almost any driver. The Sport 5.5 features a one-piece black-anodized billet cover assembly and like the OT-Series, discs are sold separately to allow for variance between spline applications. The cover design enables direct replacement of many other driveline package clutches. These features make the Sport 5.5 suited for the following applications:

  • Road racing
  • Circle track
  • Open wheel/formula
  • Short course off road

Designed for any race series utilizing a 5.5″ metallic clutch, the Sport 5.5 is purpose built for demanding race series such as circle track, short course off-road, open wheel and road racing. Contact your Tilton distributor to learn more about how Sport 5.5 metallic racing clutches can fit in your application.

Torque Capacity

Release Load*











All Sport 5.5 metallic clutches feature a high-ratio pressure plate and are compatible with step-type flywheels with a .100″ step for the friction surface.
* Values listed are typical for release bearings with the recommended 38mm contact diameter. Larger contact diameters will increase release load.
** Weight and M.O.I. include pressure plate, carbon floater plates, carbon discs and steel hub, and may vary based on your particular spline.

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