52-Series UTGC 5.5” Driveline Packages



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52-Series 5.5” driveline packages feature a family of matched components to offer the highest level of performance and reliability. Designed for applications that require a compact bellhousing for maximum ground clearance, rear-mount starter, small diameter flywheel, and a 5.5” clutch.

Typical Applications

  • Trans Am (TA/TA2)
  • GT1
  • Super Late Models
  • Asphalt Modifieds
  • 52-Series UTGC driveline packages include:


  • Rigid aluminum bellhousing resists flexing, allowing maximum power to be transferred to the wheels and minimized wear to driveline components
  • Blueprinted for parallelism and concentricity

Clutch-Flywheel Assembly

  • OT-Series 5.5″ metallic or carbon/carbon clutch options for race proven performance and reliability
  • Billet steel 102-tooth (8.64″) flywheel offers low inertia, precision balance and durability

Hydraulic Release Bearing

  • Billet aluminum body and piston
  • High temperature quad tensioner monoseal ensures a leak-resistant seal
  • Superior materials and proprietary low friction coatings provide longevity and consistency
  • High quality 38mm contact diameter bearing maximizes clutch modulation and provides reliable operation

Super Starter

  • Rear-mount Severe Duty (3.0 HP) Super Starter
Includes: bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, disc pack, hydraulic release bearing, Super Starter and related hardware.

 DescriptionPart Number
Chevy V8 (2-pc rear
main seal)
5.5" 2-plate metallic clutch52-31120
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-31130
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-31131*
5.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-31220
5.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-31230
4.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-31530
4.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-31540
Chevy LS1/2/6/75.5" 2-plate metallic clutch52-33120
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-33130
5.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-33220
5.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-33230
Ford Small Block5.5" 2-plate metallic clutch52-32120
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-32130
5.5" 3-plate metallic clutch52-32131*
5.5" 2-plate carbon clutch52-32220
5.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-32230
4.5" 3-plate carbon clutch52-32530
4.5" 4-plate carbon clutch52-32540

*For use with 1/4″ mid-plate between engine and bellhousing, such as Asphalt Modifieds.

Note: All packages are designed for use with transmissions that have a Chevy bolt pattern and a 1 5/32″ X 26 spline input shaft.

DescriptionPart Number
Chevy, aluminum52-601
Ford, aluminum52-602

DescriptionPart Number
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, 5.5" metallic clutch51-651
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, 5.5" metallic clutch, mid-plate51-685
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, carbon clutch51-661
Chevy V8, 102-tooth, 4.5" clutches51-645
Chevy LS, 102-tooth, 5.5" clutches51-659
Ford, 102-tooth, 5.5" clutches51-653
Ford, 102-tooth, 5.5" clutches, mid-plate51-686
Ford, 102-tooth, 4.5" clutches51-640
Clutches and Disc Packs
DescriptionPart Number
Clutch, 5.5" 2-plate metallic67-002HG
Clutch, 5.5" 3-plate metallic67-003HG
Clutch, 5.5" 2-plate carbon (step-type)6552USG-S
Clutch, 5.5" 2-plate carbon (pot-type)6552USG-P
Clutch, 5.5" 3-plate carbon (step-type)6553HSG-S
Clutch, 5.5" 3-plate carbon (pot-type)6553HSG-P
Clutch, 4.5" 3-plate carbon6513HSG-S
Clutch, 4.5" 4-plate carbon6514HSG-S
Disc pack, 5.5", 2 disc, 1 5/32" x 26 spline64140-9-AA-36
Disc pack, 5.5", 3 disc, 1 5/32" x 26 spline64140-9-ABA-36
Hydraulic Release Bearing Assemblies
ClutchChevy V8Chevy LSFord
5.5" 2-plate metallic60-537060-536060-5370
5.5" 3-plate metallic60-534060-534060-5340
5.5" 2-plate carbon60-537060-536060-5360
5.5" 3-plate carbon60-533060-533060-5330
Super Starter
DescriptionsPart Number
Super Starter, Severe Duty, 102-tooth flywheels54-41062

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Package NumberClutchDisc PackFlywheelRelease BearingStarterBellhousing