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Tilton Engineering strives to produce the best racing parts and service for drivers and racing teams dedicated to their sport.
Tilton's wide range of products spans across metallic, cerametallic and carbon/carbon racing clutches, hydraulic release bearings, racing clutch disc packs, racing flywheels, racing pedal assemblies and master cylinders, the renowned Super Starter series, and the accessories that make them all work together. Please contact us with any questions, or use our dealer locator to find one of our many helpful dealers near you.


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Off-Road Driveline Packages from Tilton

Off-Road Driveline Packages

  Tilton’s championship-winning off-road driveline packages are now available! Compatible with both TRD V8 and Ford V8 applications, the packages are intended for Pro 4 and Pro 2 short course off-road racing. They are specifically designed for use with ½” mid-plates typically used by chassis builders. Last year, drivers running Tilton’s off-road driveline packages won the […]

Brake Fluid: Stay Safe and Go Fast

Brake Fluid: Stay Safe And Go Fast

The following article originally appeared on Turnology.com and features an interview with Tilton’s President, Jason Wahl. Brake fluid does not get the love it deserves. It isn’t as glorified as engine oil and its change intervals are often overlooked—or in the worst case, flat out ignored. There are far too many people who purchase cars, […]

New 600-Series Throttle Pedal

NEW 600-Series Throttle Pedal

Click the image above to visit the 600-Series throttle pedal product page. We’re proud to announce the release of the latest product in our long line of performance racing pedals, the new 600-Series throttle pedal. The throttle pedal is designed to mount onto the existing under-dash framework used for the brake & clutch pedal assembly. By complementing […]