Technical Videos

Tilton Carbon/Carbon Clutches: How to Measure and Shim For Clutch Wear

Tilton 6000-Series Hydraulic Release Bearings: How to Measure and Set Clearance for Clutch

Tilton Balance bars: How to Set-up and Adjust Balance Bars

Tilton Pedal Assemblies: How to Install Master Cylinders

Clutch Pedal Stop: How to Set a Clutch Pedal Stop

Tilton Pedal Assemblies: How to Bleed Brakes with Dual Master Cylinders/Balance Bar

Tilton OT-Series Metallic Clutches: Inspecting Tilton Metallic Clutch for Maintenance

Tilton OT-Series Cerametallic Clutches: Inspecting Tilton Cerametallic Clutch for Maintenance