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Tilton’s 6000-Series hydraulic release bearing was recently featured on Two Guys Garage! Kevin Byrd demonstrates on of the key features of the HRB: its adjustable height, which makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

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If you’ve got a video of your Tilton products in action, we’d love to see it. We’ll even give you a $100 coupon toward your next Tilton purchase if we use it! To get started, head over to our Video Submission page and fill out the form. And if you’d like to use a high-res Tilton logo in your video, feel free to use this one (just right-click and save):

“CTS-V Clutch Master Cylinder”

Jaysen Baker uses a 76-Series master cylinder for his Cadillac CTS-V-compatible design.

“The 500 AWHP, AWD, Hillclimbing, Psycho Syclone – /TUNED”

Adam Auerbach’s GMC Syclone Hillclimber runs a Tilton 600-series pedal assembly, standard remote brake bias adjuster and XLT-Series Super Starter.

“Hondata CRX 220mph average”

“Miriam Macmillan sets a new class record of 220.258 mph in her turbo K15 CRX on the long course at Bonneville in August 2011.” Miriam set her record using a Tilton Honda K-Series Cerametallic clutch.

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Tilton HRB 1XXX-Series brochure

Tilton HRB 3XXX-Series brochure

Tilton HRB 4XXX-Series brochure

Tilton HRB 5XXX-Series brochure

Tilton HRB 8XXX-Series brochure

Tilton 76-Series Master Cylinder Flyer

Tilton 40000-Series Super Starter Flyer