Off-Road Driveline Packages


Off-Road Driveline Packages from Tilton

Tilton’s championship-winning off-road driveline packages are now available! Compatible with both TRD V8 and Ford V8 applications, the packages are intended for Pro 4 and Pro 2 short course off-road racing. They are specifically designed for use with ½” mid-plates typically used by chassis builders. Last year, drivers running Tilton’s off-road driveline packages won the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series and TORC Pro 4 championships.

Off-road driveline packages include:

  • 52-Series aluminum rear-mount starter bellhousing
  • OT-II 7.25” 3-plate carbon/carbon clutch
  • Billet steel 110-tooth (9.16”) flywheel
  • 5000-Series bellhousing mounted hydraulic release bearing
  • Severe Duty (3.0HP) Super Starter

For more details on applications and pricing on Tilton’s off-road driveline packages, please send an email to [email protected] or call +1 805 688 2353.