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OEM flywheels are designed to be a direct replacement for the stock flywheels of specific car/engine applications, retaining the same diameter (ring gear size) as originally equipped with the car.

Unless noted, flywheels are neutral balance and have a .100″ step for the clutch’s friction surface.

Unique OEM flywheels are available via exclusive distributor agreements, such as in the Toyota Supra MKIV package (through Titan Motorsports) and the Lamborghini Gallardo flywheel available through Underground Racing.

*Pot-type (no step) flywheel
**Lightening holes. May not be legal in some racing series.

ApplicationClutch Diameter# of TeethWeight (lbs)M.O.I. ( Number
BMW M50/M52/S50/S52/S547.25"1137.911151-3568
Chevy V8 2-pc rear main seal7.25"1537.513251-6200
Chevy V8 2-pc rear main seal7.25"1536.611551-6201**
Chevy V8 LS1/2/3/6/77.25"1689.917851-4452
Honda B16A/B187.25"1129.815551-1166
Honda K20/K247.25"1206.310251-1180
Mitsubishi EVO 7-97.25"11410.917551-4334
Porsche 993/996/9975.5"1327.211151-4011*
Porsche 993/996/9977.25"1327.912251-4008*
Porsche 993/996/9977.25"13218.5346Call Tilton
Subaru WRX/STI7.25"12411.620251-4122
Toyota Supra MKIV7.25"11512.0201Call Tilton
* Pot-type (no step) flywheel
** Lightening holes. May not be legal in some racing series.

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