XLT-Series Super Starter


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XLT-Series Super Starters are designed for individuals that desire the most compact and lightest weight starter available. Suitable for use on engines up to 400 C.I.D. and/or 10.5:1 compression ratio with a standard diameter flywheel.


What makes an XLT-Series Super Starter?


Every XLT-Series is made with top quality, 100% new components, assembled by highly trained technicians and individually dyno-tested to assure quality. Over 30 years of listening to feedback from motorsports customers has gone into the constant development of these starters, making them the choice for the most demanding applications.


  • Lightweight yet powerful, the 1.6 HP motor and planetary gear-reduction provides the torque need to start high performance engines.
  • Precision machined components are held to critical tolerances, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Internal vibration damping and electrical insulation provide longevity and maximum performance.
  • Thread locking compound is used on all fasteners and are secured to precise specifications.
  • Serrated belleville lock washers are used to ensure fasteners stay in place through severe vibrations and heat cycles.




Chevy V8 / 90 degree, Formula Ford, Hewland MK5/MK8 transaxles, Tilton 52-Series 7.25" bellhousing, Tilton 53-Series OE bellhousing, Universal, no mount nose, Cosworth with FT200 transaxle

Refinement Detail

153-tooth ring gear, 110-tooth ring gear, 104-tooth ring gear, Ford, Dodge R5, 9-tooth, 10-pitch, 10-tooth, 12-pitch