Coming Soon: Tilton’s New Headquarters!

Tilton's New Headquarters

We’re very excited to announce our plans to construct Tilton’s new headquarters to replace our current offices! Located on our current site, the new 15,000 sq. ft building will contain engineering, manufacturing, assembly, storage, shipping and administrative operations under one roof. “The new building will not only feature an energy-saving design which will greatly reduce Tilton’s usage of electricity, gas and water, it will also allow for a huge improvement in workflow efficiency,” said Todd Cooper, Tilton’s vice president of operations. “This improved efficiency will create shorter turnaround times in production while simultaneously generatingĀ a cost savings. In addition, all workspace in Tilton’s new headquarters will be climate controlled, featuring natural lighting throughout the facility as well as improved employee rest areas and ample parking.”

The building plans for Tilton’s new headquarters have received unanimous approval from the city council, and construction is slated to begin this year. Be sure to follow Tilton on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for Tilton’s monthly newsletter for more announcements.