PRI 2014 Recap

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At PRI 2014, we caught up with Tilton Engineering to see what’s in store for 2015 and learn more about their offering. We caught up with Tilton’s Mike Anderson to see what their big releases were for PRI.

“We are debuting our under foot pedal assembly that comes with dual or three pedal assemblies. We have reversed the master cylinder assembly to push the pedals back into the pedal box for a greater range of seating positions and increased driver comfort. We have over 100 different configurations with our 600 Series,” said Anderson. Made from either aluminum or steel depending on application, the 600 Series of pedal assemblies feature a fixed mounted master cylinder design, adjustable pedal pads, oil-impregnated bronze bushings at pedal pivots, and more.

Next up we wanted to learn about their three different clutch materials and what each type was best used for. Anderson explained, “We offer clutches made out of three different materials. Our full carbon clutches, don’t generate nearly as much heat as other options and keep your clutch feeling very consistent. These typically go on extremely high horsepower configurations.”

Anderson continued, “Next up we have our cerametallic material that is a ceramic metallic blend and offers very linear engagement which is mainly suited for street and strip applications – for guys that trailer their car’s to the track. Finally, our metallic clutch is made to be full race, track use only, made for light weight and low inertia.”

Depending on your application, Tilton Engineering has a clutch that is sure to fit, so check them out at the contact information below to learn more about their diverse selection of products!