McLane “Mac” Tilton, 1937–2018

With sad hearts, but fond memories, we lowered the flag at Tilton Engineering to half-mast in honor of McLane “Mac” Tilton who passed away on Saturday (April 7, 2018).

Mac was a legend in both the racing and competitive rifle shooting worlds, although few from either world knew he was involved in the other. To list his many accomplishments would be an effort in futility, since he never took credit for many of the things that he did first. It is perhaps more fitting to simply say that Mac operated at a higher level of thinking than the rest of us.

Over the years, Mac would give his time and knowledge to anyone who wanted to learn. While Mac had a deep appreciation for history and the lessons that could be learned from it, he loved being around young people especially because they often shared the same optimistic spirit that he embodied.

Mac viewed Tilton Engineering as his legacy. He often said that he built the company by giving customers what they needed…not what they wanted…and that what they needed most often was knowledge. We feel that every single one of us at Tilton Engineering has a duty, and the honor, to continue his legacy.