Sport 5.5″ Clutch Assemblies


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Tilton’s 8-leg SPORT 5.5 clutches are a direct replacement, and upgrade, for the QM V-Drive clutch. The value-packed SPORT 5.5 clutches are designed & manufactured using proprietary materials and manufacturing processes that increases service life of the clutch internals. Featuring a rigid clutch cover that resists deflection, with hardened steel thrust buttons installed into the legs, SPORT 5.5 clutches provide the most durability and highest performing clutch for the money bar none.

– Tilton’s value-oriented 5.5” racing clutch
– Direct replacement for QM 8-leg 5.5” clutches
– Clutch cover leg design, with hardened steel thrust buttons, is the most durable on the market
– Accepts Tilton or QM 110-tooth cover-mount ring gears
– 750 lb-ft capacity for 3-plate clutch.  500 lb-ft capacity for 2-plate clutch.


2-Disc Button Clutch Weight:  7.8 lbs
3-Disc Button Clutch Weight: 9.5 lbs

2-Disc Clutch & Discs: 5.5 lbs
3-Disc Clutch & Discs: 7.2 lbs

SPORT 5.5 Button Clutch Assemblies include clutch, friction discs, button flywheel, clutch bolts and flywheel bolts



Chevy Small Block (Early), Chevy Crate (Late), Chevy LS (6-Bolt), Ford Small Block

Disc Count

2 disc, 26-spline, 3 disc, 26-spline, 2 disc, 29-spline, 3 disc, 29-spline


With Button Flywheel, Without Button Flywheel

Tilton-QM Cross-Reference

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