102T 5.5” Aluminum Bellhousings


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102T 5.5” Rear-mount Starter Bellhousings are designed for us with Tilton 102-tooth flywheels, 5.5” clutches and rear-mount starters.  New bellhousing design features side-bolt mounting starter that provides secure mounting to bellhousing and easy access for service.

  • Rigid aluminum bellhousing resists flexing, allowing maximum power to be transferred to the wheel and minimizes wear to driveline components
  • Blueprinted for parallelism and concentricity
  • Designed for use with transmission with a tradition GM 4-bolt mounting pattern and a 4.68” register diameter
  • Designed for use with Tilton starter P/N 54-41073

Chevy bellhousing P/N 52-681 replaces P/N 52-601.  Ford bellhousing P/N 52-682 replaces P/N 52-602.

Starter P/N 54-41062 that fit P/N 52-601 and 52-602 bellhousings can be updated to fit bellhousing P/N 52-681 and 52-682 with starter mounting nose kit P/N 54-093-KIT

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