6300-Series Hydraulic Release Bearings (38mm radius-face)


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Tilton’s 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings (also known as hydraulic throwout bearings or concentric slave cylinders) feature race-proven Tilton reliability for the street. These hydraulic release bearings have been designed for ease of installation and maximum reliability, at a very competitive price. 6300-Series hydraulic release bearings are designed to mount onto the transmission input shaft bearing retainer, and are compatible with a variety of transmission types:

  • Ford Tremec TKO/500/600
  • Ford T-5
  • Toploader (1 1/16″ x 10 input shaft)
  • Tremec T56/Magnum (Except for Tremec P/N TUET11010)
  • Ford Tremec Magnum (P/N TUET11010)
  • GM Tremec TKO/500/600
  • GM Saginaw
  • GM T-5
  • and more.

Watch the following video to learn about properly installing your 6000-Series HRB, as well as setting the clutch clearance:

Check out the video below, which shows the benefits of the 6000-Series on Two Guys Garage:


ApplicationTransmissionHeight Adjustment
Part Number
Chevy SB/BBTremec TKO/500/6002.88 - 3.13**60-6336
Chevy LS/LTTremec TKO/500/6002.15 - 3.38*60-6331
ChevyTremec T56 Magnum2.54 - 3.51**60-6335
ChevyTremec TR60603.04 - 4.01**60-6341
ChevyBorg-Warner/Tremec T52.15 - 3.38*60-6333
FordTremec TKO/500/6002.15 - 3.38*60-6332
FordTremec T56 Magnum (Pilot tube mount)2.15 - 3.38*60-6334
FordTremec T56 Magnum (2-bolt plate mount)2.54 - 3.51*60-6335
FordTop Loader (1 1/16 x 10 spline)2.15 - 3.38*60-6332
FordBorg-Warner /Tremec T52.15 - 3.38*60-6334

*Height adjustment on included sleeve that fits onto tube of input shaft bearing retainer. Does not include height of retainer base.
** Height adjustment on included mounting base. Dimension is form mating face of transmission to top of bearing.

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