2200-Series Hydraulic Release Bearings


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2000-Series hydraulic release bearings are designed to be direct replacements for QM 3-leg release bearings and mount into QM bellhousings without any modifications.

Tilton has earned a reputation of producing the most reliable and best performing hydraulic release bearings on the market for racing applications. As with all Tilton hydraulic release bearings, 2000-Series hydraulic release bearings feature a high-temperature mono-seal with a quad tensioner to insure proper sealing, a wiper seal to

provide protection from debris entering the bore, a high-speed bearing and proprietary low friction coatings that provide long service life and smooth operation.

Available with 38mm and 44mm contact diameter bearings for use with Tilton and QM 5.5” & 7.25” racing clutches.

– Direct replacement for QM 3-leg release bearings
– Billet aluminum piston and body
– Mono-seal technology provides the highest level of reliability and long service life
– High speed bearing available with 38mm and 44mm contact diameters
– Proprietary low friction costings provide smooth operation and durability
– Constant contact design self-adjusts for clutch wear

Tilton-QM Cross-Reference

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