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40000-Series Heavy Duty Solenoid (54-022)
Replacement starter solenoid for 40000-Series Super Starters

After nearly 2 years of development and testing by Tilton, this heavy duty solenoid has proven that it can withstand the most demanding applications and environments. As of August 2015, this solenoid has become standard equipment on all 40000-Series Super Starters.

  • Reliably handles 16 volts, providing the extra speed needed to spin engines fast enough for locked-out magnetos
  • 49% larger plunger that provides stronger force for kicking out the pinion gear
  • Stronger contact closing force reduces arcing and provides better reliability

Voltage rating: Up to 12 volts

Applications: 40000-Series Super Starters. Will also fit previous generation 10000-Series and 20000-Series Super Starters.

XLT Series Solenoid (54-5500)
Replacement starter solenoids for XLT Super Starters.

Voltage rating: 12 volts

Applications: XLT Super Starters

The following photo illustrates how to correctly install replacement starter solenoids onto the Tilton 40000-Series Super Starter:

Solenoid installation


Super Starter

40000-Series, 40000-Series, Heavy Duty Solenoid, XLT Series

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