800/850-Series Racing Pedal Assemblies

Tilton 800-Series pedal assemblies merge the performance of Tilton’s 900-Series pedal assemblies with the renowned value of Tilton’s 600-Series pedal assemblies. 800-Series pedal assemblies are categorized by use of a high-efficiency spherical bearing type balance bar, combined with pivot-mount master cylinders for the brakes, limits balance bar motion to the horizontal plane to reduce brake pressure migration issues. All 800-Series pedal assemblies, except for Underfoot assemblies, utilize a traditional flange-mount master cylinder to help reduce costs.

800-Series pedal assemblies are available in Firewall-mount, Floor-mount, Overhung and Underfoot configurations. Underfoot configurations are also available with an optional slide system for quick pedal assembly position changes.

800/850-Series Racing Pedal Assemblies Feature:

  • Fully optimized for strength and weight using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • High-efficiency spherical bearing type balance bar and pivot-mount master cylinder design
  • Large diameter 7/16” diameter balance bar minimizes flex to provide a solid pedal feel/response. PTFE coated aluminum clevises for increased durability and reduced friction
  • Lightweight forged aluminum pedals provide high strength and rigidity
  • Pedal pivots feature wave washers to reduce lateral pedal movement and oil impregnated bronze bushings for smooth operation and long service life
  • Adjustable pedal ratio
  • Adjustable pedal pad positions

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